Say Yes To The Dress

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend right? For me it’s dresses, with my wardrobe almost bursting at the seams!… Eek!20180121_1640511987010916.png

All through my childhood, I came across as a tomboy much of the time. Although I played with dolls, dressed up in princess dresses and played hairdressers with my sisters, I loved nothing more than getting my hands on remote control cars, climbing trees and wearing what I would best describe now as scruffy clothes, knowing I would come in from playing every night, filthy. I was like the son my parents never had. 

In highschool while much of the girls took time in the mornings and after every P.E lesson to do their hair, make up and dress to impress, I simply took five minutes to slap my hair back into a hair bauble with my face bare, white shirt on and black trousers. Plain and simple. I had no time and motivation for any of it. 

It wasn’t until college I started to show an interest in following trends. For a while, I took to the vintage pinup style, tattoos, short tops, high waste trousers and of course bandanas.

By the age of nineteen, when the party life for me started and my new group of friends came around. I started to come out my shell. Very much girly girls, I wanted to fit in with how beautiful they all were and made themselves feel, so I started to make an effort for me. With their support and good tips to help me out, my confidence grew and soon dresses and heels became my every weekend wear. I even started to wear makeup… very little though, but it was a start. 

One dress.. two dress.. 27 dresses! Or near enough anyway. I could not get enough. Every week was an online shop. prettylittlething… bowsboutique… wantthattrend…. all becoming my favourite stores to shop. 

Velvet dresses, skater dresses, lace top dresses, little black dresses, you name it, I fell in love with them all and spent hours every time trying to decide which ones to purchase.

Now in my twenties, I am now one of the girliest people I know and a huge clothes hoarder. From fur jackets to shoes; bags to makeup.. I love all things pretty and pink.. but most of all I love my dresses!! 

“Self Confidence is the best outfit “

I know that everyone has a passion for something, so flaunt it! 👗♡ 

 Much Love, Laura x 






12 thoughts on “Say Yes To The Dress

  1. I love the dress in the pics! Really suits you. I have always been a bit tomboy but have a girly side too. I want to start wearing more dresses but struggle finding many I like xx

    Stacey |

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