My pass out to blogging.

Hey everyone!

My name is Laura, Welcome to my blog!

I am a twenty- two year old, getting to grips with the reality of being with and living long distance from my RAF serviceman. As a unit we love to travel, walk and simply explore nature.

I love all things home and fashion..pretty and girly. with our up coming big move together in near furture, I would love to share purchases and progress with you all.

Now please stay, explore and parade on through our journey with us as I start my blogging adventure. Be sure to read through the flight of life manual about my blog. Ask.. Share.. follow; Stories, questions, advice. I would love to hear from you.

Much love, Laura x


Catch Up With Us.

“Hello my lovely blogger friends”

It’s been three months since I’ve shown any activity on my blog. I have came off twitter and for the next few weeks I have also decided to take time away from my other social media platform’s in a bid to find myself or new hobbies rather than sitting glued to a screen all day.

Alot has changed..

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Croatia is Calling


THREE more days! I’ve been waiting patiently for this holiday for the last eight months. Although David and I had our trip to Germany in October, I’m counting this trip as our first official holiday together…. my first holiday without any parents also. We are completely on our own, no family meeting us on the other side. Though I am nervous, I really can’t contain my excitement.

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Stories to Tell



I haven’t always been a fan of photographs, I wasn’t much of a smiler when I was little but I am forever reminded that the only time I ever had a big cheeser on my face was when my grand parents sat me on top of their wheelie bins. Ridiculous I know but when looking through the old photos.. they aren’t wrong. Thankfully I grew out of it and for my whole teenage years until presesnt, I have kept track of almost everything in life, through photographs.

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I made it a ME day. I feel like I haven’t stopped all week. Tiredness has really taken me over lately with working ten hour shifts that have absolutely dragged and walking all day around Edinburgh on my day off.. so I needed to regain some strength. David arrived home yesterday evening after two and a half months apart! It’s so good to have him back. He is thee best company♡ The first thing I made him aware of though was I wasn’t leaving the house all day. I needed a long lie, junk food and a pamper day while he sat glued to his Xbox. Of course he was more than happy about that.

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